Patanjali Yoga Sutra — तदा विवेकनिम्नं कैवल्यप्राग्भारं चित्तम् ॥4.26॥

tadā vivekanimnaṃ kaivalyaprāgbhāraṃ cittam

When citta is endowed with the pinnacle of wisdom due to yogasādhana, sādhaka’s is pulled, propelled and attracted into the ultimate, i.e., liberation — kaivalya.

All actions would bind the man unless they are done with a sense of offering to Paramātma. This is the highest wisdom expected of a yogi. When sādhaka realizes profound, reflective, philosophical wisdom owing to his sādhana, he is propelled into kaivalya, the ultimate ambition of yogi, like a bee attracted only towards nectar of flowers and not towards anything else. Yogi is not satisfied with anything less than liberation.

Lord says in Bhagavad Gītā,

सर्वभूतस्थितं यो मां भजत्येकत्वमास्थितः।

सर्वथा वर्तमानोऽपि स योगी मयि वर्तते॥६.३१॥

sarvabhūtasthitaṁ yo māṁ bhajatyekatvamāsthitaḥ.

sarvathā vartamāno’pi sa yogī mayi vartate Gītā 6.31

Engaged in sādhana, yogi serves Me alone, with evenness in all beings. Ultimately, such a yogi attains to Me, irrespective of the way he conducts his life.

An old, ailing king makes a public announcement: ‘Dear civilians, as you are aware, I do not have any children. Post my death there should be an able king to rule this kingdom. I hereby announce that tomorrow morning first civilian to enter my ‘Durbār/āsthān (King’s Court) will be declared my successor to rule this kingdom’.

Thousands of civilians were eager to become the king’s successor. The main gate of the palace would open the next morning. But previous night itself, thousands of civilians gathered near the gate, so that as soon as the gate is opened the next morning, they could rush in quickly to become first to reach Durbār.

The next morning, the gate was opened and these thousands of civilians rushed inside! It was so arranged that before one could reach the ‘Durbār’ one has to pass through 10 huge lobbies (Halls). Each of these lobbies was filled with precious jewels, delicious food, costly clothes, priceless valuables, etc, with a display board ‘You may take these things if you want’. As the civilians entered these lobbies, they were overwhelmed with these valuables and they thought, ‘Oh, there are thousands contending to become king. Obviously, there are hardly any chances for me to become king. If I could not become king, even these valuables I might not get at all. Let me take some of these valuables and leave the contest’. Everyone did the same mistake! However high a vulture might fly, his eyes will be searching always for dead carcasses on earth. Only one wise civilian abstained from all these valuables and entered the king’s Durbār.

Happy king asked: Very nice. Were you not interested in those valuables on your way?

Civilian said: If I become king, all those valuables would belong to me. Why should I be satisfied only those pigmy valuables?

It is not surprising, this particular civilian was declared successor to the old, ailing king!